Literary club’s program titled ‘Walkie Talkie’ took place on November 19th, 2023, at 3pm in the main hall. At this  programme organized by the English club, we engaged the students from all departments in various language based activities , including a spelling competition, tongue twisters, and a lively treasure hunt for the students of all departments. This event fostered a sense appreciation for language among participants. Principal Dr C.V Jayasree ,Shincy Mohan C.P (Asst.Professor of English Education) , Praseetha .P(Asst. Professor of Natural Science Education) spoke a few words about the significance of conducting such activities to showcase student’s skills.

Spell Bee:

The Spell Bee activity was a competitive and engaging activity where participants demonstrated their spelling prowess. It involved rounds of challenging words, testing the students’ vocabulary and spelling skills. The event aimed to enhance language proficiency in a fun and competitive way.

Treasure Hunt:

The Treasure Hunt added an adventurous touch to the English club activity. Participants followed clues and solved language-related challenges to uncover hidden treasures. This not only tested their language knowledge but also promoted teamwork and problem- solving skills.

Tongue Twister Challenge:

The Tongue Twister Challenge brought a playful twist to language learning. students tackled tricky phrases, enhancing their pronunciation and verbal agility. The activity fostered and laughter, making language practice enjoyable. Overall, these activities contributed to a dynamic and enriching experience, combining educational elements with entertainment.

In conclusion, the English literary club’s activities have not only fostered a love for language and literature but also provided a platform for meaningful discussions, creative expression, brain storming of ideas among students. The club’s impact extends beyond the classroom, enriching participants’ language skills and promoting a sense of community through shared appreciation for the written word. Prizes and certificates were distributed by the principal to the winners of various competitions.

By Shincy