Anti-Ragging Cell

Anti Ragging Cell

Sum College of teacher Education, established in the year 2006 has successfully completed 18 years of functioning. Throughout its tenure college has emphasized its student’s freedom and cooperation. While the college has not encountered any ragging incident, it adheres to the directives provided by the University grants commission by forming an anti-ragging cell.

The Anti Ragging cell at SUM College of Teacher Education Comprised of

1.     Principal – Head.

2.     Six faculty members.

3.     Member from office.

4.     Administrative staff.

5.     Representative of local media.

6.     Representative of Senior student.

7.     Representative from fresher.

8.     Parent Teacher Association (PTA) members.

9.     Police officer from nearby police station.

Functions of Anti Ragging Committee

1.     Annual meeting – To assess the situation regarding ragging in the campus the committee used to meet annually.

2.     Analysis and reporting -Members analyze any potential instances of ragging and used to submit annual reports to the principal.

3.     Record keeping -Reports and pledges submitted by the students immediately after the admission to the college regarding anti ragging measures are maintained in the college records.

4.     Vigilance -All teaching members are vigilant about students’ welfare activities and promptly address any concern related to ragging.

As the safety and well-being of its students by maintaining an active anti ragging committee and an anti-ragging cell. The collaborative effort of students and teachers, parents and law enforcement ensure a conducive environment free from any form of harassment or intimidation. Antiaging cell remains a corner stone in upholding its values of mutual respect and co – operation. To prevent ragging and promote a positive campus culture conducive to learning and personal growth, SUM College Of Teacher Education always takes the pro – active measures.