Shamsul – Ulama Memorial (SUM) College of Teacher Education was founded in the year 2006 under the patronage of Jamia Shamsul Ulama Al Islamia Mattanur. It was recognised by the NCTE Southern Regional Committee Bangalore and affiliated to Kannur University. It is situated in the tranquil  surrounding of Anjarakandy Panchayat, adjacent to the Mamba mosque , the college  enjoys a serene location.It is nearly 17 km away from Kannur Railway Station and bus stand and 10 km away from the Kannur International Airport .The institution boasts a picturesque  campus with well maintained infrastructure and provisions catering specifically to physically challenged  students .

SUM College of teacher education is  a  co -educational institution owned and run by Jamia Shamsul Ulama -Al Islamiya.Mamba.College started with a student intake of 100 across 5 optional subjects English, Mathematics ,Natural science, Physical science and Social science. Initially enrolling 100 students,college adapted to changes introduced by NCTE , transitioning to a  50 student intake when the  two year B.Ed program was implemented.

 Strategically situated in a rural area,the college aims to cater to the educational needs of students particularly girls in such a region .SUM college has  evolved over the years to adapt to the changes in educational standards and regulations .All classrooms are equipped with modern technological support enhancing the learning experience,with a focus on providing quality education, inclusive facilities and tranquil learning environment. The college remains committed to nurturing aspiring educators in various disciplines while meeting the needs of rural students.

One distinctive feature of some college of teacher education is its seat allocation policy. College reserves 50% of its seats for the merit quota, ensuring that students with exceptional academic records have a fair chance to enroll .The remaining 50% of seats are allocated for  the management quota, providing opportunities for students who might not meet the strict merit requirements but still wish to pursue  a career in teaching. Moreover SUM college of Teacher Education adheres rigorously to the state‚Äôs reservation policy in its merit admission procedure . This commitment to equity and inclusivity ensures that students from various  backgrounds and communities have the opportunity to receive quality teacher education.


To be a leading institution to shape exemplary educators who inspire and empower learners, fostering a brighter future for our society.


To cultivate a strong sense of social responsibility, community engagement and global awareness among our graduates. To uphold the highest standard of professionalism, ethics and integrity in all aspects of our institution.


1.To actualize the potentials of students 

2. To become efficient ,skillful ,competent and responsible teachers of tomorrow 

3.To mold socially sensible citizens

4.To provide education to the girls students and their empowerment.

5  To build digital and global competencies among student teachers 

6.To enhance life skills by providing moral and value based education

7. To imbibe a sense of excellence among the student teachers