Category: Internal Complaint Cell

Internal Complaint committee of sum college of teacher education is responsible for addressing and resolving the issues of sexual harassment at work place and is easily accessible by all members. It is a mandatory committee that every employer is required to constitute within the institute
ICC is required to be vigilant to redress the sexual harassment complaints and resolve the same. it meets on need basis to redress any compliance from students teaching and non-teaching staffs and take necessary actions. Every institution has the responsibility to sensitive employees regarding sexual harassment Issues by organizing and conducting workshops and seminars.
Dissemination of the policies against sexual harassment, carrying orientation program for members of the internal compliance, publish names and conduct details of the members of Internal Complaint Committee, invite legal practitioner or representatives of NGO’s, organizations that are worked on issues that related to women rights or human rights are the primary responsibilities of Internal Complaint committee.
1. To organize programs to enhance confidence level of girl’s students for their empowerment
2. To pay the special attention on safety and security, exploitation related
3. To provide working free atmosphere, equal treatment and participations by women in the whole areas.
4. To create awareness about women’s welfare laws and counselling.
5. Deal appropriately with reported case of sexual harassment, abuse or discrimination.
Members of Internal Complaint Committee
Mr.George Joseph (Assistant Professor) – Presiding Officer
Mr.Sunesh Kolangaroth (Assistant Professor) – Faculty Members
Mrs. Praseetha P. (Assistant Professor &women cell convenor) – Faculty Members
Mr Muhammad Badir K. (Office Superintendent) – Members from office
Mrs.Rahiyanath A (Computer Assistant) – Administrative staff
Jishnu p (2nd year Bed student) – Student Representatives
Faseela Abbas (1st year Bed student) – Student Representatives