Date: 19 June 2023

Venue: College Auditorium The English department of SUMCTE organized a special programme on the occasion of the 28th National Reading Day. The event aimed to celebrate the joy of reading and promote literacy among the students and faculty members of the college. Additionally, the programme marked the inauguration of the college’s literary club

The event began with a prayer, seeking blessings for a successful and enlightening day ahead. The gathering was then welcomed by Haritha, BEd student who delivered an eloquent welcome speech, setting the tone for the rest of the programme.

The esteemed principal of the college, Dr. C.V. Jayasree, graced the event with her presence and delivered a thought-provoking presidential address. Her speech emphasized the importance of reading and its impact on personal and societal growth.

Mr. George Joseph, the staff secretary of the college, felicitated the event, acknowledging the efforts put forth by the English department and the literary club. His words of appreciation encouraged the participants and added value to the programme.

Janab T.P. Abdullah Master, the Secretary of SUM College, was also present at the event. His support and presence were greatly appreciated by the audience, and his words of encouragement motivated the students and faculty members to embrace the habit of reading.

A highlight of the event was the guest speaker, Mr. V.K Jobish, a man of letters and an art critic. He shared his insights and experiences with the audience, discussing the importance of literature and its influence on various art forms. His speech was engaging and thought-provoking, inspiring the attendees to explore the world of literature.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by the Assistant Professor of English Department, Miss Shincy Mohan. Her words expressed gratitude towards all the individuals who contributed to the success of the programme, including the organizing committee, volunteers, and participants.

The English Department conducted several programmes like quiz competition, caption writing contests,and  inter-collegiate essay writing competitions.

By Shincy