SGRC- Student Grievance Redressal Cell

Students Grievance Redressal cell

This cell deals with all types of grievances, complains and mal practices including those received from students, faculty and state holders. Students can raise their grievances regarding any academic and non-academic matter with in the campus through the online processing of complaints from citizens and consumers. The action taken on any tissue raised by them to avail services more effectively.

It is to deals with the complex situations in a tactful manner to lessen the condition felt to be oppressive.

Function of SGRC

To accept Written grievances from students and staff related to the system.

To forward the findings to the management for further action

To listen record and scrutinize the grievances submitted to them by staff and students.

To attend grievances based on the authenticity and gravity of the criticism made.

To convene periodical meeting to discuss whether the grievances have been settled.

To make follow up of these matters at regular intervals till their final disposal

To maintain strict confidentiality.

Students Grievance Redressal Cell

SL NONameDesignationPositionMobile NoE mail ID
1Dr.C V JayasreePrincipalChairperson 
2Mr.KrishnaKumar.E PIQAC Co ordinatorConvener9447687615
4Mr.George JosephHOD PsychologyMember 9645947019
5Mr.Sunesh KolangarothHOD PhilosophyMember 9020292872
6Mrs.Praseetha pHOD NSMember 8289929119
7Arya RaveendranCollege Union ChairmanMember 7994940933
8Alexander E G(UUC SUMCTE)Member 8921745214

Policy of the student Grievance redressel cell

Students’ growth and development is the top priority of our college. If a student has any grievance it is taken up seriously by the concerned authorities.

            On 07.06.2023 students Grievance redressal cell of SUM College received a complaint from Nayana K V from Natural science, her complaint was about the practical examination marks awarded to her by the University.

Complaint was discussed in detail in the committee has the marks was awarded by the university she was advised to submit a copy of the complaint to the University. At the College Level principal forwarded a copy of the Internal mark submitted the subject teacher to university. The final Marks was decided by both the Internal and external examination board of Kannur university.

            With 4 days a written reply was given to the student by the principal