Minority Cell

    Minority cell at sum college of teacher education was established with the primary objective of supporting students from minority communities in their academic and extracurricular pursuits. This cell aims to foster an inclusive environment that promotes the holistic development of students belongs to Muslim, Sikh, Parsee, Buddhist Jain and Christian communities

Objective of the cell

  • To provide academic assistance and resources to meet the needs of minority students
  • To encourage participation in extracurricular activities, ensuring a balanced enriching educational experience
  • To promote the overall growth of students by addressing their educational, cultural and social needs

Composition of Minority cell

Chairman                                : Dr cv jayasree[Principal]

 Convenor                               : Mr.Sunesh Kolangaroth(Assistant Professor)

Members                                  : Ms. Shincy Mohan C P (Assistant Professor)

 Administrative staff               : Mr Muhammed Badir k (Office Superintendent)

 Student representatives         : Sminu S (Student SUMCTE)

                                                : Sithara Begum (Student SUMCTE)