The English Literary club of SUM College of Teacher Education conducted a debate on the topic of “Brain Drain: Boon or Bane. The program was conducted on October 13, 2024. Students from all departments and teachers attended the program. Disna Dinesh of first-year English opened the session with an introduction of the significance of the topic in our current globalized world students from the physical science and social science departments argued in favor of brain drain being a boon. On the other hand, the natural science and mathematics departments argued against brain drain, considering it a bane. Faseela Abbas of first year English was the moderator for the session. The affirmative team led their points, stating that brain drain can facilitate the global exchange of knowledge, remittances and investments, and individual freedom and opportunity. The opposing team argued that brain drain can lead to a loss of talent and resources and, in turn, affect the development of our country. The debate saw active participation from the audience, with questions and comments reflecting a wide range of perspectives and concerns regarding brain drain. After a lively exchange of arguments and counterarguments, the debate concluded with the acknowledgment that brain drain is a complex phenomenon with both positive and negative implications. At the end of the session, the principal of SUM College, Dr. C. V. Jayasree, Shincy Mohan (Asst. Professor of English Education) presented their views about the topic, giving further insights for the students. The moderator thanked the debaters, audience members, and organizers for their participation and expressed hope that the insights gained from the debate would contribute to ongoing discussions on the topic of brain drain.

By Shincy