Date of Visit: 21st December

Venue: Amala Bhavan Rehabilitation Centre, Mele Chovva, Kannur

Amala Bhavan is a rehabilitation center situated in Mele Chovva, Kannur. It caters to the needs of numerous female inmates and is managed by the Kappuchiyan congregation.

Purpose of the Visit:
The visit to Amala Bhavan was organized by SUM College of Teacher Education as part of the Christmas celebrations. The primary objectives were to spread joy, share the spirit of Christmas, and engage in activities that promote social bonding.

Activities Conducted:

  1. Group Visit: Students and staff members from Sum College visited Amala Bhavan to interact with the inmates.
  2. Christmas Celebration: A festive atmosphere was created with a cake-cutting ceremony and a gift exchange program.
  3. Cultural Program: Both students and inmates participated in organizing and performing cultural activities, fostering camaraderie and mutual enjoyment.
  4. Exchange of Christmas Messages: The occasion was used to share and exchange heartfelt Christmas messages, spreading the essence of love and unity.

Impact and Outcome:
The visit to Amala Bhavan proved to be a heartwarming experience for both the visitors from Sum College and the inmates of the center. It facilitated a sense of togetherness, compassion, and community spirit among all participants. Through these activities, a sense of joy and belonging was cultivated, especially during the festive season.

The visit to Amala Bhavan by Sum College of Teacher Education was a successful endeavor in fostering social connections, spreading the joy of Christmas, and extending support and camaraderie to the inmates of the rehabilitation center. Such initiatives play a vital role in nurturing empathy, kindness, and social responsibility among future educators.

This report aims to summarize the visit and the activities conducted at Amala Bhavan by Sum College of Teacher Education on 21st December, contributing to the college’s commitment to community engagement and social service.