Visit to Kaniv Buds school, Anjarakandy Panchayat by NSS  volunteers: 27/11/2023 

Under the leadership of NSS unit of SUM College Of Teacher Education, a  visit and lunch distribution to the children of Kaniv Buds school of Anjarakandy  panchayat was organized on October 27, 2023. 

The program was started at 11.30 am. The college principal Dr. C V Jayasree  madam and NSS Program officer Sunesh sir was spoken. 

Ms. Bindu, the teacher of Buds school, briefed the volunteers in detail about  the institution and the activities that are done there to promote the children’s talents.  Then the children presented various kinds of programs like songs, dance, mimicry  etc. The intrinsic motivation of the volunteers became an inspiration for the children  to perform programs again and again. 

  Within a very short span of time, the children got close to the volunteers and  enthusiastically showed the craft works made by each of them to everyone.

The Honorable President of Anjarakandy panchayat visited the Buds school  during the program.  

Volunteers also performed songs and dances with the children. The whole  program lasted till about 1.15 pm. After that lunch was served for the children. After  the meal, the volunteers spent some more time with them. Then all the volunteers  said goodbye to them and returned.