Date: 07/01/24

Venue: Sum College of Teacher Education Auditorium

Organized by: Sum College of Teacher Education

In collaboration with:

  • Anjarakandy Panchayat
  • Kannur District Saksharatha Mission

Program Overview:

Sum College of Teacher Education successfully organized an SSLC Examination Equivalency Center program at the college auditorium. This community service initiative aimed at providing educational opportunities to individuals who had not completed their SSLC examinations.

Event Highlights:

  • The program was inaugurated by Anjarakandy Panchayat President, Lohithakshan K. P.
  • Keynote address delivered by District Saksharatha Mission Coordinator, Shaju Jhon.
  • Dr. C. V. Jayasree, Principal of Sum College of Teacher Education, presided over the event.
  • Felicitation extended by Chandran Kallat, College Manager, C. Ahammed Kutty Master, College Secretary, and Assistant Professor Praseetha P.
  • Vote of thanks delivered by Krishna Kumar E. P.

Participant Engagement:

Approximately 50 enthusiastic learners, all below the age of 60, actively participated in the inaugural function. The evident interest shown by these learners in continuing their education highlights the program’s significance in empowering the community.

Socio-Educational Survey:

As part of this initiative, the college conducted a socio-educational survey to identify potential learners who had dropped out of the SSLC examination. This comprehensive approach allowed the institution to tailor its services to the specific needs of the community.

Community Collaboration:

The program was conducted in collaboration with Anjarakandy Panchayat and Kannur District Saksharatha Mission, emphasizing Sum College’s commitment to community service. Ward member Valsala V. V. was present at the occasion to offer felicitation, further strengthening the ties between the college and the local community.


Sum College of Teacher Education’s SSLC Examination Equivalency Center program stands as a testament to the institution’s dedication to community service. By utilizing its staff and students, the college not only facilitates educational opportunities but also fosters a collaborative spirit with local authorities and community members. This initiative marks a positive step towards bridging educational gaps and empowering individuals within the Anjarakandy Panchayat community.