Date : 07/10/2023 

Location : SUM College Of Teacher Education 

What are the rules of war? It is a timely question to ask in the wake of attacks on civilians, aid workers, and hospitals in the Gaza strip. The Palestine – Israel conflict is marked by deeply troubling inhumanitarian aspects, highlighting the severe impact on civilian population. The Social Science Club of SUMCTE organized a solidarity program to support the people of Palestine on 7 th November 2023. 

In the support of the Palestine solidarity assembly Muhammed Sahad K, the President of the Social Science Club delivered that to declare strong rejection of the brutal crimes on the people of Gaza. 

The program featured a stirring solidarity rally, where students and faculty united to express support for the people of Palestine. 

This rally not only served as a visible display of solidarity but also provided a platform for participants to voice their concerns and perspectives on the complex issues surrounding

Palestine. The event aimed to raise awareness about the complex and long-standing issues faced by the people of Palestine shedding light on the historical context and current challenges. 

The most impressive event held was hand print. The students expressed their solidarity with Palestine by copying their palms onto the canvas.The printing of palms on the canvas added a poignant touch, symbolizing unity and strength in diversity.

Each palm print represented an individual standing in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, creating a collective visual treatment to the support garnered within the college community. 

Through these activities, the program effectively blended awareness -raising with tangible expressions of unity, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and advocacy for justice in the context of the ongoing challenges faced by the people of Palestine.