In charge: Optional Teacher

  • No students will be permitted in the laboratory without an instructor. No visitors are permitted.
  • All experiments/ practical performed in the laboratory must be approved by the instructor following the safety guidelines, if any, provided. Touching/ working on any other authorized instruments, equipment, setups is strictly prohibited.
  • Replacing, swapping, or moving any equipment for non-lab related information is strictly prohibited.
  • Students will not be permitted on the laboratory with bare-feet, sandals, or shoes that do not provide toe-coverage.
  • Personal belongings must be kept outside the working area and the aisle must be kept open all the times.
  • Any unsafe conditions, unusual odours, personal injuries must be immediately reported to the instructor.
  • The student must accept responsibility and pay for any damage she/he causes to any equipment in the laboratories.
  • Silence should be maintained by all inside all the laboratories, except when instructors permit otherwise.
  • Students who do not follow the laboratory safety rules will be suspended from the laboratory.