School Adoption Programme

Sum College of Teacher Education, committed to community service and aligned with its visionary goals, has launched numerous impactful short- and long-term projects. One notable initiative is the ‘School Adoption Program aimed at supporting children, particularly those from impoverished and weak students This project encompasses a variety of activities designed to support students, parents, and teachers ensuring a holistic approach to education and community engagement. It targets two schools Muzhappala L.P school and Anjarakandy Higher Secondary school

Our goal is to maintain the legacy of a traditional school with nearly 100 years of history, which was at risk of closure due to dwindling student numbers. we initiated lower and upper kindergarten classes which led to an increase in student enrollment.

Establishing a child-friendly environment, we focused on close relationships with the students. This includes the distribution of study materials and sweets to the students. Our students participated in praveshanolsavam held on the reopening day. To generate interest in learning we distributed colored pencils and storybooks during the opening ceremony Our team helped students to prepare for the Lower secondary school examination. We contributed Utensils and steel glasses to the school kitchen to support the mid-day meal program and receive nutritious. We used to conduct classes, like Parenting for Parents, and ICT operation classes for General PTA. How to deal with children’s behavioral problems and the role of parenting in personality development are usually explained.

At Anjarakandy School, SUM College represents a significant step towards improving the educational outcomes and overall well-being of students. By addressing diverse needs through ICT skills, parenting classes, special education support, personal safety awareness, and curricular and extracurricular preparation the program aims to create a nurturing and empowering learning environment for all. Our children are always ready for counseling and remediation.