Date: 21 March 2023

Venue: College Auditorium 

The World Poetry Day program was a delightful and inspiring event that celebrated the beauty and power of poetry. The event commenced with a warm welcome speech by Haritha, B.Ed Student who set the stage for an evening filled with literary brilliance.

The program was inaugurated by our esteemed principal, who emphasized the importance of poetry in fostering creativity and expression among students. Each teacher passionately shared their thoughts and feelings about poetry, highlighting its significance in education and personal growth. Elizabeth and Swathish B.Ed students of the college recited poems which captivated the audience with its depth and emotion.

Adding a musical twist to the event, Miss Shincy Mohan, Assistant Professor of English Department, enchanted everyone with her melodious rendition of a poem, transforming words into beautiful music.

The intellectual stimulation continued with a quiz competition that challenged participants’ knowledge of famous poets, literary terms, and iconic poems. It was a competitive yet enjoyable experience for all involved. Among the participants, Mridula emerged as the victorious champion, showcasing her passion for literature and poetry.

The event concluded on a heartfelt note with a vote of thanks by BEd student Aarya. Aarya expressed gratitude to all participants, teachers, and students for making World Poetry Day a memorable and inspiring ocassion.

The Poetry Day program was a resounding success, providing students with a platform to explore and celebrate the world of poetry. The event not only encouraged students to engage with poetry but also fostered their creativity, self-expression, and appreciation for the written word. The participation and enthusiasm displayed by students throughout the program demonstrated the impact and importance of poetry in their lives.