SUM Colle of Teacher Education is a the non-profit organization run by Shamsul Ulama Memorial trust. The trust striving for the academic and social upliftment of the students of the backward area of Malabar area. The sole aim of the trust is to cultivate a strong sense of social responsibility, community engagement and global awareness among our graduates. To uphold the highest standard of professionalism, ethics and integrity in all aspects of our institution. So it’s insistent for the Managing committee to keep the mobilization of funds more transparent and to ensure funds are utilized optimally. SUM Colle of Teacher Education has a very strong resource mobilization policy and a very transparent system of fund management.

This institution operates through a decentralized administration, collaboratively involving the PTA, Managing Committee, Principal, committees, and institution wings. Together, they diligently mobilize and utilize funds, upholding an unwavering commitment to care and transparency in all related activities, aligning closely with the institution’s vision and mission for accountability and transparency.

Annual financial audits, overseen from the highest to the lowest levels of administration, ensure that all financial transactions undergo scrutiny, emphasizing accountability and adherence to best practices.
SUM College of teacher education actively pursues various financial assistance programs from management. Proposals and estimates for projects are meticulously prepared and submitted for approval. Once sanctioned, these funds are strictly directed according to the proposal and relevant regulations, subject to timely audits to ensure their appropriate utilization.

Moreover, the institution meticulously maintains transparency and accountability by conducting both internal and external audits regularly. Account management and sanctioned payments are subject to rigorous internal and external scrutiny conducted by the appointed agency. This comprehensive approach ensures that Sum College of teacher education effectively mobilizes funds and optimally utilizes available resources in line with its mission and vision.

Being a self-financing college our major source of finance is:

  • Fees of the students
  • Management fund
  • Alumni association
  • Donations