Topic.   :     Mental Health Day Celebration 

Date.    :     10/10/2023

Location:    SUM College Of Teacher.  


World Mental Health Day is a special day.It is all about talking openly, learning and caring for our minds .In our college it was observed  on 10th October 2023. This day is like a big, bright spotlight  shining on the importance of our mind and feelings.A detailed  program schedule was prepared for this purpose.

Program was started at 10:00 a.m. with a prayer song. Mr George Joseph ,teacher in charge of the Mental Health Club  welcomed everyone  to this function.During his speech,he mentioned 2023 year’s theme of mental health day; “Mental health is a universal human right”.

Principal,Dr C V.Jayasree presided over this function.During her inaugural address she spoke about how an individual’s mental health plays a vital role in shaping a healthy society and nation. It is imperative to have the mental and physical health to achieve a good and balanced life.

‚ÄúTeachers As Healed Healers”

The topic of the day was about teachers as healed healers. The keynote speaker of the program was Mr Anoop Sivadas, Assistant professor, Psychology department of Brennen CollegeThalassery. He shared many deep thoughts regarding the importance of observing mental health day. It was an interactive session and the students were actively participated during the session.While his speech he mentioned about discrimination, harmful stereotypes, and stigma surrounding psychological wellness continue in different parts of society, including the family, schools, community and offices.These hindrances stop healthy relationships, inclusive environments and social interactions that are vital for the prosperity of every society. 

Mental health should be firmly positioned within a human rights structure, remembering it as a principal human rights. “Teachers as healed healers” suggests that educators who have overcome personal struggles or challenges can effectively support their students’ growth and healing. It acknowledges that teachers, like everyone else, have their own life experiences that shape their understanding and empathy towards their students. By sharing their stories of resilience and healing, teachers can inspire and guide students through their own journeys, fostering a supportive and nurturing learning environment.

Mental Health Club Inauguration

Mental health club was inaugurated by the chief guest,Mr.Anoop Sivadas.

Ms Swathi, P          – president,

Aswathi.P.Ashokan -secretary 

Megha Sudhakaran -treasurer.

By George