Induction Programme Report (2023-2025 BEd Programme) 

The Induction Programme for the newly enrolled students of the B.Ed. Batch( 2023-2025) was successfully conducted on 07/08/2023 at 10:00 AM in the college auditorium. Both students and their parents were warmly welcomed to attend this significant occasion .The objective of this event was to provide support . guidance and familiarize the students and parents with the educational institution, college environment, its facilities and other keys aspects of the institution. 

The event witnessed a significant presence of distinguished individuals, including all esteemed faculty members, representatives from management committee, students, and their parents .The respected Principal of the college, Dr .C.V Jayasree delivered the welcome speech, with warmth and enthusiasm. She emphasized the importance of the B.Ed programme in shaping the future educators and expressed her hopes for a fruitful academic journey for the new batch. 

Representing the Management, Mr. C. Ahammedkutty Master, Mr.Abdulla T.P  extended their congratulations to the newly enrolled students highlighting the importance and significance of the B.Ed programme and expressing their support throughout the students’ academic tenure. They expressed the college looks forward to nurturing the intellectual and professional growth of the students, fostering a community of learners dedicated to excellence in education. 

Mr Divakaran P.E , Mr Krishnakumar E.P,    Mr.George Joseph, Mr Sunesh, Mrs.Praseetha, Miss Shincy Mohan Faculty members of the college  , addressed the gathering. They provided insights into the different B.Ed. disciplines and encouraged students to actively engage in the learning process. The faculty also highlighted the college’s commitment to providing a conducive learning environment.

After the formal session an interactive session was conducted to address the queries and concerns from the students and parents. This session facilitated better communication and ensured that everyone had a clear understanding of the academic expectations and support services available. Overall ,the Induction Programme for the B.Ed. Programme (Batch 2023-2025) was successful and engaging event that marked the beginning of a promising academic journey for the new students. The collective efforts of the college’s faculty, management and staffs  were evident in creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere for both students and parents. We extended our best wishes to the new batch for a rewarding and enriching experience throughout their B.Ed. programme.