Date: August 15, 2023

Venue: SUM College of Teacher Education

The spirit of patriotism and unity resonated through the halls of SUM College of Teacher Education as the institution celebrated India’s 77th Independence Day with zeal and fervor. The event, which commenced at 9:30 am, was a memorable and significant occasion that brought together students, staff, and faculty to honor the nation’s freedom struggle and its diverse cultural heritage.

The highlight of the celebration was the hoisting of the national flag at 9:30 am. The honorable Chief Guest, Mr. Abdul Rahman Kallayi, Chairman of the college management, performed this solemn duty. The unfurling of the tricolor symbolized the hard-fought freedom that the nation cherishes. Following the flag hoisting, a felicitation ceremony took place, where Dr. CV Jayasree, the respected Principal of the college, along with the Chairman, Mr. Abdul Rahman Kallayi, conveyed their indipendents day special message and well wishes to the college community.

The main attractions of the program included a heartwarming tribute to the retired soldiers, acknowledging their immense contributions and sacrifices for the country’s security and integrity. Their presence added an emotional touch to the event, reminding everyone of the significance of patriotism and selfless service.

Additionally, the event featured the inauguration of a newly built ramp on the college premises, symbolizing inclusivity and accessibility. This ramp is a testament to the institution’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their physical abilities.

The patriotic atmosphere was enhanced by the stirring renditions of patriotic songs by the students. These performances not only showcased the musical talents of the students but also stirred a sense of pride and nationalistic fervor among the audience. The celebration was further enriched by the exchange of Independence Day messages, where both the staff and students shared their thoughts and emotions, reinforcing the importance of freedom and unity.

The grand event was brought to a close with the collective recitation of the national anthem, serving as a poignant reminder of the unity that binds the diverse population of the country. The resonance of the anthem filled the air, creating an emotional and memorable moment for everyone present.

In addition to these ceremonial aspects, the college also organized engaging activities such as a quiz competition and a drawing competition. These events aimed to channel the creative and intellectual energies of the students towards a deeper understanding of India’s history, culture, and progress.

In conclusion, the Independence Day celebration at SUM College of Teachh

er Education was a heartfelt and meaningful event that paid homage to the nation’s struggle for freedom, celebrated the unity and diversity of India, and honored the contributions of retired soldiers. The presence of the Chief Guest, Mr. Abdul Rahman Kallayi, the esteemed Principal, Dr. CV Jayasree,Manager Sri Ahammed kutty master, secretary Mr Abdulla master,along with the students, staff, and retired soldiers, made the occasion truly memorable. The celebration served as a reminder of the values of independence, patriotism, inclusivity, and progress that the country stands for.