Date of Event(s) 22/23/24 MAY 2023
Department/Association/ Cell/CommitteeIQAC SUM COLLEGE
Venue  (Mention the platform if it  is online)College Auditorium 
Number of Participants 23
Target Audience 25
Resource Person(s) with  qualification (if  applicable): SOUMYA K C  M A in ENGLISH Literature with U G C Lecture ship 
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Event Coordinator IQAC CORDINATOR 
I. Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to outline the Faculty Development Program designed to  facilitate NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) accreditation for  [Teacher Education College Name]. This program aims to enhance the skills and  knowledge of our faculty members to ensure the college meets the required standards  for accreditation. II. Introduction NAAC accreditation is a critical benchmark for educational institutions, reflecting their  quality and performance. Achieving accreditation requires rigorous self-assessment and  improvement in various areas. The Faculty Development Program will play a pivotal  role in preparing our faculty for this important evaluation.

III. Program Objectives 

1. To familiarize faculty with NAAC accreditation criteria and processes. 2. To enhance pedagogical skills, research capabilities, and administrative abilities. 3. To promote collaborative research and interdisciplinary approaches. 4. To improve the quality of teaching and learning experiences. 

5. To strengthen the assessment and evaluation methods. 

IV. Program Components 

1. Orientation Workshops: Introductory sessions on NAAC criteria and documentation  requirements. 

2. Pedagogical Enhancement: Workshops and seminars on modern teaching techniques,  e-learning, and student engagement. 

3. Research Capacity Building: Training in research methodologies, publication ethics,  and grant proposal writing. 

4. Administrative Skills: Sessions on effective management, governance, and resource  utilization. 

5. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Encouraging faculty to work across disciplines on  research projects and curriculum development. 

6. Quality Assurance: Training on assessment and accreditation procedures, internal  quality assurance, and feedback mechanisms. 

V. Program Timeline 

The Faculty Development Program is scheduled to be conducted over a span of six  months, commencing on [Start Date] and concluding on [End Date]. Workshops and  seminars will be held regularly during this period. 

VI. Evaluation and Assessment 

Continuous assessment of faculty performance and engagement in the program will be  conducted. Feedback from participants will be collected to make necessary  improvements. 

VII. Conclusion 

The Faculty Development Program for NAAC Accreditation is a vital step in ensuring  that [Teacher Education College Name] maintains high educational standards and 

achieves NAAC accreditation. The college administration is committed to providing the  necessary resources and support to make this program a success. Prepared by: Dr.Jayasree CV Principal Jasreecv50@gmail.com Report Verified by: (HOD/Criteria Coordinators) Report Approved by: Dr.Jayasree CV Principal Jasreecv50@gmail.com (Principal)